Have you ever felt you had a scarlet letter emblazoned on your chest? Maybe it was an A for Adulterer, or an L for loser or loose or perhaps a D for drunk or druggie. I've worn a few letters during my life and though it's not supposed to matter what others think and our friends tell us, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me”, that is so far from the real truth.

Thankfully, our Lord can destroy those letters from our heart (lymbic system) and offer unconditional love , acceptance, healing and forgiveness. That begins with our being able to forgive others and self. Then, we must learn to trust again.

In John 8 Jesus is confronted by a legalistic crow who casts an adulteress
woman at His feet who wears a “Scarlet A”. After giving those who had no sin
themselves permission to condemn her, and seeing them walk away, He lovingly turns to her and says, “neither do I condemn you. Go and leave your life of sin.”

That is what Scarlet Letter Ministries is all about.

We are located at 921 7th Street, Wichita Falls, TX (Across from the County Courthouse)
For free faith-based counseling services call or email:

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