Goal: Provide benevolent ministries through faith based addiction recovery assistance, life skills training and prisoner after care for successful re-entry.

Society has a way of being very unforgiving and judgmental when it comes to the point that the addiction has resulted in public shame, humiliation and even incarceration. Learning to overcome the disgrace, humiliation and hurt is almost always a difficult to impossible road to travel alone.

Scarlet Letter Ministries has been established at the right place and time to assist those who are worn out by the hurt they have done to themselves and others.

Freely offering faith based addiction relapse assistance, unconditional love, life skills classes and other tools to enable those desperate for healing a new beginning, which provides hope for those who may have been ready to give up.

We need your assistance! SLM is a Non-Profit Incorporation and we are IRS 501.c.3 registered as a non-profit public charity.  We are funded solely through donations from those in our community who see the need for these services in a world plunging headlong into a drug culture oblivion.  We are in need of additional funding to further provide these free services.

Risk & Reward
Drugs & Alcohol

Together We can make such a wonderful difference in the lives of those who cannot do an in-patient program or afford pay for service type programs.

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