Requirements to begin and successfully complete the Genesis Program

Coming out of SHAME


If you are in relapse at this time you must first achieve sobriety from you addiction.  You may need to detox or work with a counselor to achieve stability. The Genesis Program and workbook are Relapse Prevention Specialist-directed tools that will assist you in becoming whole again. If you are having issues with mental health it is advisable to continue your MHMR plan. When you are accepted into the Genesis Program you will fill out a written contract with your prevention specialist that should include at least once weekly individualized meetings.


Sobriety is hard work. It hardly ever works in secret, seclusion and alone. Those who are serious about living life abundantly must have help. During the Genesis Program you will work with a trained Genesis Relapse Specialist. You must commit to attending all appointments and complete all homework as assigned.

Accountability and Support

It is strongly recommended that you attend some kind of support group meetings that conduct 12-step type activities. You should choose a sponsor whom you trust to encourage you on this difficult journey and assist you in maintaining accountability. You should be active in a local church and attend regular Bible study groups. Addiction thrives in secrecy. If you are antisocial and spend great deals of time alone or with your friends who were involved with you in your lifestyle your journey will be packed with baggage that will load you down and impede your progress. Ask a friend to process your Genesis work with you each week.


You must learn how to differentiate the true and the false beliefs that drive you. For this to happen you must build trusting relationships with your Genesis Specialist, counselors, friends and God. It will take great courage to trust when this trust has been broken in times past and the hurts are still very real and painful. Mistrust is a common denominator among addicts. Healing deep wounds takes a recommitment of trusting others.  


Endurance is the desire and will-power to keep going. You have already endured great hurt in life caused by yourself and others and now it's time to begin to understand how you sabotage yourself and your sobriety through false beliefs and acting out. You must learn your relapse patterns and how to recognize when you are headed down that road before you act out again and start the vicious cycle of shame all over again.

In 15-20 weeks you, your support group and a Genesis specialist will make the journey through this brokenness and find hope again for a brighter future for yourself, your family and your friends.

Initial Interview:

Contact or call 940-720-0511 for your initial interview.

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The Genesis Process

The "Genesis Process" program is written by:

Michael Dye, CADC, NCAC
Patricia Fancher, CAC III, NFCC, Ph.D


Wichita Falls Genesis Process

The Wichita Falls, TX "Genesis Process" program is administered by:

John Welter: Executive Director, Counselor
Helen Davis: Genesis Relapse Specialist
Mitch Tasker: Executive Board President
David Levy: Executive Board VP
Gary Beesinger: Secretary/Treasurer 

Gary Walker:  Member at Large